Monday, April 16, 2007

A picture, and a funny story

Sooo, guess who was walking around Hollywood Blvd friday night with the bottom of her skirt TUCKED INTO HER UNDERWARE???? Yep. Me.

My best friend Christa is in town this week visiting from very far away West Virginia, and her mom bought us (Christa, her sister, me and herself) tickets to go see "Wicked, the Musical", because she's very cool, she has a great ass, and I'm aparently her third daughter. We decided to all meet at the Pantages Theater, which is literally right in the heart of old town Hollywood. I got there an hour or so before they did, as they were stuck in LA traffic. So, of course I go next door to the bar and do what I do best....order a drink. I'm sitting there sipping my rum and coke, looking at myself in the mirrored backsplash of the bar between two old salty smelly guys watching the ball game. Okay, so it's not entirely my scene, but it's a way to kill some time, and relax for a bit. So, I'm drinking away, admiring my curled hair and well-applied make-up in the mirror, thinking of course that I'm the hottest thing in the bar, and how proud I am that I can clean up this nicely. Right? Right.

My drink is gone, I take a trip to the restroom, leave a tip, and walk out of the bar, and onto Hollywood Blvd, and stand right in front of the Theater. So, I'm standing there, nicely buzzed, getting excited about the show, watching busloads of people arrive right behind me at the loading/unloading painted curb. I'm standing there, watching dozens of people walk next to me, around me, and behind me, and then a lady walks up to me. She leans in really close and whispers in my ear "the bottom of your skirt is tucked into your underware."

I wanted to die. Right there. I wanted to DIE. I look directly behind me, and some old man is sitting in a cafe-type chair grinning at me. Great. I'm sure my face turned 25 shades of red at that point. I pulled my skirt out as quick as I could, and then tried to walk away, but I couldn't move. I was literally frozen. I think I stood there for a good 15 minutes before I got the courage to walk away. FAR AWAY. I think my only saving grace was the rum and coke I had a few minutes earlier. That really helped numb the embarrassment, even though I was still mortified. But, it helped a little.

The play however, was great. The music was fantastic, and Eden Espinosa played Elphaba, and did such a great job. Her passion gave me goosebumps. I think she might have the most amazing voice I've ever heard. I'd love to go see it again. Maybe one day. Oh, and Christa's coming to stay with us for two days this week!!! I can't wait!