Thursday, February 22, 2007


It's happened. My almost 5 year old has lost his first tooth. Two days before it fell out I noticed it looked a little funny, so I wiggled it, and saw that it was loose. I thought I had weeks before that thing came out. When I was a kid it seemed like my loose teeth took FOREVER to fall out. Not for my kid. Like I said, two days after I noticed it was loose, Jared gets down from the table where he was eating his muffin, washes his hands, plops himself on the kitchen floor to talk to me while I do the dishes, and as he's talking to me, I notice a hole in his bottom row of teeth. So on closer inspection I notice that, yes, his tooth has indeed come out. The question is when and how! So, of course I ask him, since he hasn't volunteered that information. He very casually tells me that as he bit into his muffin, it came out, and he put it on the table. WHAT?? Why is this not a big deal to him?? Doesn't he know about the tooth fairy? I mean, seriously...THE TOOTH FAIRY!! What kid wouldn't get excited about that? Well, apparently mine. (By the way the going rate for a tooth nowadays is a whole stinking dollar!)

So, I go look on the table, and there it is on the place mat, just lying there, no big deal...just his first missing tooth EVER!! I tried to get him all excited about it, but he just rolled his eyes and gave me that look I used to give my parents when I wanted them to shut the hell up. So, I did, and he ran off to put on his ninja costume to stalk his sister. *Sigh* boys.